Excess Management (Lower your Inventory Cost)

EZ-GO offers a variety of standard solutions for inventory management and reduction. We offer custom solutions tailored to our customers’ businesses. Due to our vast client base including global manufactures and brokers. We can solve your excess inventory issues like no one else.

Our services and structures are below:

Buy and sell:

Customer provides us with a list of the inventory, after our evaluation team’s analysis, EZ-GO would then provide cost and buy from the customer directly, to help combat the depreciation of your slow moving or dead stock.

Customer In-house consignment:

For our customers’ slow moving or dead stock, customers then provide a list of the components while they are stored in your warehouse. We would then match the components with qualifying buyers from our client base over the world.


For inventory that have an extremely low demand globally or components with an old date code, we can still purchase the inventory to solve our customers’ inventory issues.

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